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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not-so-wild About Harry
Harry Potter. I am sick to death of Harry Potter.

Oh, I don't have the problem that some Christians seem to have with the book series. It's just a fantasy book, people, lighten up....

But I'm just trying to watch some news. But on every channel--EVERY CHANNEL-- all they are talking about is Harry Potter and the new book (apparently the last book) about the boy wizard.

Isn't there a war going on? Debates in Washington on important issues? Drugs being smuggled into the country? People saving other people's lives? Surely, there is some REAL news out there somewhere!

Someone save me from the media....
8:41 am cdt

Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 39
Rains have been dripping, spitting, pouring for days now. People have been joking about Noah and the Ark. They say it with a laugh, a nervous laugh, because it just keeps raining and raining....

My husband recently commented that this time last year, we were praying for rain. Texas can be hot and humid in the spring and summer, but it has been so dry the past several years we have been nervous of drought conditions. Burn bans have been enforced many times in recent years, making for no outside burning and no fireworks for July Fourth.

But this year, the lakes that were ominously low are full to overflowing, grass and undergrowth that were dangerously dry is growing wildly, and ground that was cracked and begging for moisture is saturated. Water is flowing on the ground, through the grass, of our yard because the soil simply can hold it no longer.

The sound of rain falling is a comforting sound, conducive to afternoon naps or restful sleep at night. My father says this feeling is a primeval emotion. That the sound of rain outside, drumming on the roof, means you are in safe shelter, inside and warm and dry. It's a thing we rarely think of in this modern society but was so important to our ancient ancestors....or even, as I think of it, to too many people in the world even today.

Today,though, at least this morning, the rain has stopped. It is a relief, giving a break from the excess water and lack of sunshine. Though I know it will be terribly humid today as a result, the sunshine through the windows will be glorious.
11:47 am cdt

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