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Monday, December 3, 2007

My Marcy Weiner
MarcySquirrell06.09.07.jpgWe had to put my Marcy Weiner to sleep over a week ago. (For more information, please visit .)

Every time I think of her, I tear up. Oh how I miss her.

I am surrounded by things that remind me of her. Her toy box, the chair in the bedroom where she slept (at least until she snuck up in the bed after the lights were out). The way she followed me out in the mornings to feed the Outside Dogs and arf-ed everything in sight, just for the joy of ARFing.

The other day, I saw a squirrel out under the bird feeder. I drew a breath to holler, "Marcy, get the squirrel!", which should result in a mad dash from the porch to the feeder, just missing that pesky squirrel as it runs up the tree. But my Marcy isn't here to keep the squirrels straightened out.

I miss her beautiful little face, the soft texture of her coat, the surprisingly loud bark, the absolute cuteness that she exuded out of every pore.

She will always have a place in my heart.
10:05 am cst

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