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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Habits and Compulsions

This morning, my husband was absently popping his nuckles, a common mindless habit that many people have.  It made me think of one of the lessons we do with Dogs Against Drugs regarding habits.


A lot of times, habits are actions that we just do automatically, not even thinking about it.  What's funny is that sometimes you can compell someone to initiate that habit.


After giving a basic explanation of habits in the lesson, I tell the kids I'll do a magic trick.  "I'll tell you to NOT to do something, and you will feel compelled to do it."


At this point the kids smile and look resolute.  They are NOT going to succumb!  They will NOT bend to my will power!


…and then I say, “Don’t pop your knuckles.”


About this time, you hear the chain-reaction chorus of knuckles cracking.  The rest of the students are sitting ram-rod straight, practically vibrating, trying not to give in to the compulsion.  But they ALL give in eventually.


And now, they begin to understand the power that habits have over you.  Lightbulbs start to go on over their heads.  NOW they feel compelled to listen to the rest of the lesson.
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boom de yada
My new favorite song.
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