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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!
Stand, and place your hand over your heart....
3:02 pm cdt

The Toad Chronicles
Our home apparently provides comfortable conditions for reptiles and amphibians.  As soon as the temps warm up even just a little bit, the toads start showing up. 
There are always a couple of toads that hang out near and even on the front porch, probably catching bugs that are drawn to the porch light.

Then there's Toby's Toad.  This toad can always be found in the evenings near Toby's kennel.  Often I find him actually inside the kennel with Toby.  Apparently neither of them find anything unusual about this arrangement. 

The Toad is very tame, and won't move away from you unless he feels you might accidently step on him.  He's startled me a few times when I've gone to let the dogs out of the back pen after Choir Practice on Wednesday nights.  You know, a camoflaged object in the dark suddenly moving out from underfoot can make you yelp!
Sorry for the grainy pic, but it is hard to take a pic of a camo toad in the dark. 
8:49 am cdt

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