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Sunday, August 31, 2008

You heard it here first
mccainlieb.jpgI predict that if (when) John McCain becomes President, he will choose Joe Lieberman as his Secretary of State.
Watch, and be amazed at my abilities.  After the election, I will be available to choose your lottery numbers at $50 a pop....
9:20 am cdt

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Snake Bow

My Dad has made a wonderful homemade bow and given it to me.  He recently added the skin of a chicken snake to the outer side of the limbs.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Between the color and the texture of the snakeskin, it makes for a perfect camo.


stonepoints2.jpgThere is just a touch of red to the skin that isnít really picked up by the pics.


In addition, he made two authentic arrows complete with hand-carved nocks and flint tips.  The flint tips are a lot more sturdy than I would have thought.  I have shot them dozens of times into a foam archery target (and a few times into the dirt from inadvertent misses.  Oops!  You should be able to see dirt clinging to the tip on the bottom.)  


snakebowtexture1.jpgThe skin, the points, and the feathers are held on by sinew and/or sinew glue hand-collected and prepared by my father.


I plan on hunting with it this deer season.  How incredibly COOL would it be to get a deer with this bow!!
2:28 pm cdt

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Save me from FOOLS!


The company I work for received a call from a woman who was seeking a good home for her daughter's black lab.  Her daughter was leaving for college, and the lady didn't like the idea of the dog languishing in the back yard, so she offered to let us test him out for our program.


We made an appointment to meet at her house the next evening.  As we're almost to her house, we get the call that the lady wasn't able to meet with us.  OK, so I called her cell, as we were having trouble finding her house, anyway.


That's when she tells me that she has a friend that wants to see the dog, and that since she has "been told" (by someone that obviously is an accredited expert) that working dogs like ours are mistreated....


#1 - insinuating that all working dogs lead neglected, abused lives,




#2 - and more specifically, that OUR dogs are neglected and mistreated.


I  was   on   FIRE!!


My husband can attest that there are days when I spend more time with my canine partner Toby than I do with him.  Many days where Toby gets more face-time with me than my "pet" dogs.  He gets more social interaction, physical activity, and mental stimulation from his job than any lap or yard dog you can find anywhere.


So I told this woman, in what was probably NOT my most calm and patient voice, that I didn't know where she had gotten this information, but she was incorrect. 


The conversation basically ended with her statement that she would rather the dog lived in a home where "he could just be a pet".


Fine.  Whatever.  You'd probably call me back after a week and want the dog back anyway.


Because, look how these dogs are mistreated....



7:24 pm cdt

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Morning, Dave
This is pretty cool, and maybe just a little freaky.  I can't believe how technology is advancing.
I guess technically, this is a cyborg..... Sarah Conner better watch out!
7:54 am cdt

Thursday, August 7, 2008

WOOHOO!! Preseason NFL football is here!!nfl-logo.jpg
I spend most of the spring each year in rabid anticipation for the return of football.  I LOVE this game!!
Right now I'm watching ESPN's "Monday Night Football" on Thursday. ...yeah, I know, it doesn't make sense to me either....
BUT, God save me from the announcers.  _I_ can call the game better than 99% of them.  In fact, if there was a way to mute them and leave on the ambient noise of the game (the hits, the whistles, the crowd), I would in a heartbeat.
I hate it when they go off on a statistic-laden tangent while there is A FREAKIN GAME playing in front of them.
The worst of the lot is ESPN's announcer/gnome Tony Kornheiser.  I spend the entire time hollering, "SHUT UP, TONY" at the screen.
That aside, I'm eager to see how the Cowboys play.  I want to see the infamous "4" in Jets green and watch him lead them to the play-offs.  How sweet would THAT be??
If you call over here and hear someone hollering in the background, remember that it's just me watching a game.  Bring your popcorn!!
8:13 pm cdt

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lucky 13
Today is our 13th anniversary.  flowers5.JPG
We actually celebrated this past Saturday by going to the movies (The Dark Knight) and out to eat.  We don't get too fancy.  :-)
Today, neither of us has to go into work until later in the day, so we're enjoying a nice, quiet morning with good coffee, a puppy snuggled up close, and nothing pressing to do.  This is the life!
10:38 am cdt

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