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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Force Is Out There
The greatest of all the Saga.
I have been quite disturbed to learn that there are people close to me, yea even my very co-workers, who have an insufficient functioning knowledge of the Star Wars Universe.  How they have managed to survive, albeit in a mere fragment of the infinite possibilities of joys and wonders of this living world, is beyond my mortal comprehension.

In my desperation to rectify this potential disruption to the space/time continuum, I have located a few sources of rudimentary knowledge for these poor troubled souls.

Wikipedia is a general information source.

Not to be outdone by
Wookiepedia.....please, gentle reader, tell me you know what a wookie is....

In your readings you should become familiar with such names as
Jango Fett, the significance of Midi-chlorians, and the fact that Grievous is more than just an adjective.

Rushlight/fett.jpg Boba Fett (my personal fav)

Study.  Learn all you can my young padawan.  The Dark Side may envelope us, but we may yet prevail.

7:00 pm cdt

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