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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Off-Planet Happenings
Be sure and check out the southwestern sky on Monday night.  A rare convergance of Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent Moon will occur, with each celestial body Rushlight/converge.jpgseemingly collecting within a few degrees of each other.  This event won't occur again until 2052.

And, NO, this is not one of those viral emails that show up so often touting that the moon will be the closest it can be to the Earth, bla bla bla.  Here's the link from Discovery News:


Rushlight/butterfingers.jpgIn other, more amusing space news, a space-walking astronaut recently lost her tool bag.  It seems she forgot to tether it down.  (How embarassing is THAT?) Its estimated cost is $100,000.  (Your tax dollars at work.  Must be a hella hammer....)
It is currently in orbit around the Earth and can be tracked in real time at .

4:48 pm cst

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Stalls


Dunno about you, but I LOVE the current series of Sonic commercials.  They are witty, original, and always funny.  We have been known to back up the commercial and watch it again, laughing our heads off.

Awesomely enough, I have found The Stalls, a series of these Sonic mini-movies starring the entire cast of characters.  There is an actual story line (if you want to follow the story chronologically, scroll down to the bottom of the page and work your way up).

Rushlight/2sonicguys.jpgThere is also an associated YouTube website, 2SonicGuy's.

Thanks, Maw and Paw for giving me the Sonic card for my birthday that started this great adventure.

6:43 am cst

Friday, November 7, 2008

"I don't know how to say it any clearer...."
So said Barney, the First Dog.  A reporter Rushlight/barney.jpgwith a bunch of weird things in his hand (from a dog's point of view), had been standing over Barney before suddenly reaching down to pet him on the head. And he got bitten.

The dog obviously did not want to be pet by this guy.  His body language clearly said "don't touch me."  He is looking away, his ears are down....

Dogs can't speak with words, but they can communicate through their body language.  Why can't people pay attention to this?

After biting the man, Barney's body language says that he was sorry he bit the man, but he felt he had no choice.  This isn't anthropomorphizing -- this is simply reading the dog's body language.

This is not the dog's fault.  This is the reporter's fault for not respecting Barney's wishes.
6:09 am cst

Sunday, November 2, 2008

=== language warning===

One of my all-time favorite movies is Steel Magnolias.  The primary reason is that I know every one of the fictitious characters in real life.  I can look at each one and name someone in my life who embodies that personality.

This morning I have seen a story about a new book out called Good Christian B*tches, or GCBs.  I have not yet read this book, but I immediately started nodding my head -- unfortunately, I can acknowledge the fact that I know these women exist.

Women who exude an air of piosness while hungrily looking for ways to chop other people off at the knees.  The whole "you didn't hear this from me, BUT...."

I have heard that the number one reason people reject Christianity is because of Christians themselves, by their not living what they say they believe.  How can people believe in God if they see His "children" acting as back-stabbing, hate-mongering hypocrites.

Perhaps people will read this book, see themselves in it, and change their ways.  If not for their own souls, then for the souls of those watching them to see how a Christian acts.

6:41 am cst

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stay safe, Will

Rangert_Insignia.gifWill is a good buddy of ours and a Major in the Army Rangers.  Today he is heading out for three weeks of training before shipping out to Iraq in December.  This will be his third tour in the the region. His previous tours were in Afganistan.  Barring any changes, his tour is scheduled to last 15 months.

We will be able to stay in contact with him via email and through
Skype.  I think it is an incredible help to soldiers such as Will to have such contact to friends and family.  During his last tour, he could often respond to emails in a day or two.

God bless and keep you safe, Will.  We will uplift you in our prayers every day.  Thank you for your service.

11:47 am cdt

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