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Monday, May 24, 2010

Reading for comprehension

There is a story of a young man who was a new Christian.  He was eager to learn more about Christ and all the other things that had stirred his heart.

Not having been raised in a Christian home and having little exposure to the Bible in his life, he had only a small understanding the Bible or even how to read it.

He decided to just flip through the pages,  reading whatever verse his finger landed on.  On the first try, he came to the verse, “And Judas went and hanged himself.”

A little puzzled, he flipped through the pages again, “Go ye therefore and do likewise.”


It’s not just what you’re studying.  It’s how you study it.



8:58 am cdt

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In front of God and everybody....

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to lead most of the service at Church today (we had a guest preacher to handle the sermon).  It ended up that I was also going to sing the special, and I chose "Let There be Peace on Earth".

Let's just say it wasn't very peaceful after I butchered it.  UG!
What was in my head and what was actually on the page were two different things.  Guess I should actually practice a couple of songs before I volunteer for that again....

11:24 am cdt

Monday, May 17, 2010

Snake Bark


If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that our dogs have a particular bark we call the “snake bark”, that lets you know the dog has found a snake.  (There is also the “small varmint bark” usually a squirrel.  A “bigger varmint” bark, such as a big coon or dog.  And a “somebody’s coming up the driveway” bark.  A convenient alarm system.)


Yesterday afternoon, the dogs were getting restless, so I decided to take them on a short walk down the east trail and back.  When we got back to the house, I went over to the garden to check on it and pull some weeds.  The dogs just kind of  pup-dogged around until I started heading to the house.


Per routine, which the dogs know well, I checked their feet on the front porch just in front of the door.  Can’t have dirty puppy feet in the house. 


Finding all feet clean, I glanced up at the railing, right into the eyes of a snake, stretching his head out towards me to investigate this odd creature leaning near him (namely me).

 typical chicken snake

I let out a yelp, jumped backwards about four feet, then started laughing as I realized it was just a chicken snake.  He had woven himself around the grating on the porch and had stretched quite far out, probably looking for a higher vantage point before encountering me.

Immediately after my yelp, I heard Matt’s recliner foot slam down, so I knew he was hurrying to the door.  I was still laughing when he came out.  The snake at this point had decided that there was entirely too much activity nearby, and was heading back to the ground.


I said, “Look, it’s a snake!” 


Matt replied,” I know.  I heard your ‘snake bark’.  I then heard you laugh, so I knew it wasn’t dangerous.”


Good stuff.  ;-)


We watched the snake find his way to a convenient hole in the siding he obviously already knew about.  That’s fine with us, as he can help keep the mouse population under the house in check.  A chicken snake is better than a cat for that.

  Ok, very funny... who shut the window?

-- I don’t have a picture of the snake, but I found one that is pretty similar.  The one I saw was a dark variant of the chicken snake, or rat snake as it is also called, though they can come in several different shades and colors.  They are incredible climbers, too, which explains how he got up on the railing.


12:39 pm cdt

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The eyes have it

Many of you know that our pit mix, Pip, went blind from glaucoma over a year ago.  She was an outside dog with Mercy, but we brought her inside when she lost her sight.

Pet, please.Of course, it was difficult at first, heart-breaking even, to see her literally bang around the house, lost and fearful.  However, it did not take her long to start mapping out the house.  She uses reference points to help, such as carpet, rugs, the air vent near the door. 

We try to keep things in the same place, such as her bed on the living room floor. Her toy basket is nearby, and if she can't find her bone on her bed, she digs around in the basket until she finds the one she wants.  From the look on her face, you can see she says, "I love my momma, my bone, and my bed."

She has most areas outside the house mapped out as well.  She can fearlessly follow me on the trails out in the woods, puttering around sniffing interesting smells at her whim.

So, in her mind, she has forgotten the fact she could see in the past.  As Cesar Milan says, dogs live in the moment. 

What can be disconcerting is when she looks you in the eye. She can't see, but she will look you right in the eye when you speak to her, or "watch" you as you do things.  The other day I was staring at her eyes evaluating their health.  She was looking at me, thenZzzz.... turned her face away as any dog will do if you maintain eye contact for too long.  How does she do that?

Some of you will argue that she can see, but I assure you she is blind as a hammer.

Everyone should be as content as this dog.
5:22 am cdt

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