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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dog Pile


Gypsy sunningThe basinji breed of dogs originated in Africa, and has such have a very thin coat and great heat tolerance. Great for a dog in Texas. But not so much in winter.

Gypsy sunningOur basinji mix, Gypsy, is very much like this. She loves summer and hates winter. We've made nice, warm dog houses for both her and Mercy (who happens to LOVE cold weather), but this has seemed to be inadequate.

So, we've decided to try bringing her in this winter, at least during the night. Last night was our trial run. We went through our usual pre-bed routine, sending Pip and Bonnie out to pee. When I let them in, I told Gypsy to come in as well. She's only been in a few times, but as I expected, she followed the other dogs into the bedroom.

I climbed into bed and waited to see how the dogs sorted themselves out. Bonnie immediately dove under the covers with me as she always does. Pip, confused by the change, climbed up on the foot of the bed and laid down. (The only time she gets to do this is when I take a nap during the day.) Gypsy spent a great deal of time wandering around the room, up and down on the bed, whining softly, and generally not knowing what to do. Whenever she climbed up on the bed, Bonnie growled from under the covers (gripey wench that she is).

I left the light on so I could check out any potential problems. At some point everyone settled down on the bed, and we all fell asleep.

Matt said he came in around midnight and found us all in a wad (and let me say I was mostly-toasty). He took everyone outside to go pee (mostly for Gypsy's benefit, since we haven't officially house-broken her). She didn't want to go, saying, “But I'm an inside dog now!” She obeyed, however, and came back inside and climbed back up into bed.

The next step will be go get her and Pip to sleep down in the DOG beds, as there will be no room for Matt with this dog pile arrangement. I will say, however, it was kind of fun.


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