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Friday, July 20, 2012

Through the Flames

 This is an article Matt posted on facebook a while back.   --G


"I walk through the flames
I touch the fire
You know that I still burn for you.

Flood--the water
...Rain, crashed down
Soaked the ground
But still I thirst for you."


These words from the immensely talented Jars of Clay, bluntly describe the inherent absence all humans feel---whether they are conscious of it or not---as a result of being separated from their creator.

It seems we were originally created to... never be absent from our Creator, but as a race we chose to wander. The emptiness is still there. We still burn. We still thirst. We attempt to fill this void with many things, not all of which are bad things. Personal relationships. Romance. Friends. Family. And of course the multitude of carnal and material things in our earthly arsenal. It is entirely possible to cram so many of these things into our lives that we are distracted from the persistent emptiness. Even when we come to know our creator, we are so far separated from him, we cannot get close enough.

One day, some--hopefully many--of us will find our way back to the garden, and our Father will pick us up and say, "You look like Me."



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