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Random pics related to my hunting escapades.

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For the past several years, we have been hunting on family land near Weches, TX.  My current stand is in the far north east corner of the property.  

Thanks Dad & Kirk for building this great stand!
Looking up at the Safari Stand.

Step on out here, Bambi, and I'll bust ya!
Sitting in the Safari Stand, looking down at the best shooting zone.

Saw grass makes good cover.
Peeking under the rail facing east.

Meat comes from animals.  These pics will show animals that became meat in my freezer.  Deal with it.

Eight point, 2011
2011 "8"

Is this guy beautiful or what?

Dad skinning out "8"
He was a big-bodied deer, especially for the area we hunt.

The Animal Rescue Site

Sanctuary for Kids

from the East Texas Woods